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The Ultimate Weigh In

Claressa Shields

At the Summer Games in Rio the U.S. women’s boxing diva, Claressa Shields, was crowned Olympic gold medalist in her weight class. She is the first woman to win gold medals in two consecutive Games and the first African American woman to win a gold medal in boxing. Kudos to this young champion (age 21) who has a life ahead of her in which she’ll no doubt be a champion, over and over again.

Before a boxing match, boxers weigh in to make sure they are competing in the same weight class as their opponent.

A few years ago, Lean Cuisine curated a gallery of "scales" in New York's Grand Central Station, and invited women to "weigh in." They didn’t use scales to measure pounds or kilograms, instead they used small boards for women to write how they wanted to be weighed.

For example, women wrote they wanted to be measured by things like going back to college at age 55 or raising solo, four sons, or caring for 200 homeless children each day. Important stuff we do each day that is meaningful, weighty, measurable.

Wow... Over 204 million social media impressions were recorded from participants either from weigh ins or shares.

Take stock and be measured by what your heart and mind produce and how you share your talents. That is the ultimate weigh in. That is what will make you a champion, over and over again.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them. – Mother Teresa

Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Uri Cortez

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