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Bored to death? Through Wild Lenses Turns up the Senses

Newly released, Through Wild Lenses is a Thrillogy (three short stories) collection of psychological thrillers. Embark on journeys with distinctly different characters and their adventures in Red Queen, Dr. Hertzog's Blue Heaven, and Rose Gold Obsession. Perhaps at some point, you'll determine the twists and turns are as tantalizing as the cocktail recipes accompanying each of the short stories. Carefully tested, crafted, and paired with the characters in the stories, Through Wild Lenses Thrillogy series turns up the senses.

This is the first Thrillogy collection for author and marketer, Margy Lang. A veteran of business and marketing communications, she once had a problem with recurring nightmares until she started journaling the dreams and turned them into short stories. Be on the lookout for the second in the Thrillogy Series with a new set of fictional friends daring to do what we have only imagined. And, a new set of carefully crafted cocktails to tingle the senses in new ways.

Enjoy as a paperback or in a digital edition. You can order the paperback at or the e-book at

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