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Tube Scarves to the Rescue!

For a few years I've been designing tubular scarves, the tube-shaped, stretchy, lightweight variety measuring 12"x6". The motivation to design my own neck gaiters came from searching for a fashionable alternative to the typical designs (fish scales, skeletons, etc.). Why should neck gaiters or tube scarves, or whatever you call 'em have to be so darn ugly?

Then along came a viral disease a few months ago and fast forward to April 3rd when here in the U.S. we've been directed to cover our mouths and nose to stop the sharing of live virus spores. Suddenly the tubular scarf was not just offering protection and making a statement, it was a necessity. Again, no reason for your protective wear not to be smart looking and fun!

Find a tube scarf that is super comfortable, fashionable, easily sanitized, and reusable and wear it with purpose knowing you are doing your part to help others and yourself.

Take care.

#masks #facemasks #tubularscarves #protectivemask #virusprotection #fashionableneckwear

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