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Sparkle up Your Space!

What if you could make your personal space eco-friendlier? That space you occupy.

I feel like sometimes my space is contaminated. People close to me sneezing, coughing, even laughing and adding potential germ stuff to my space. My body has to filter that stuff through the nasal passages and lungs.

Cut through the gunk, simply and effectively! Use your Breath Influence nasal inhaler to not only clear your nasal passages, but also to clean and clear the space around you. Just unscrew the lid and waive the cylinder.

Ive written 8’s in the air. I've signed my name in the air with the open nasal inhaler. Call me silly.

While I can’t guarantee results from Breath Influence, I can share simple practices to positively impact you. Those little things add up to create a better space, a better mind, a better feeling.

Get your nasal inhaler out, unscrew the cover, write those words or scribble or doodle that drawing in the air. Breathe deeply the trail of essential oils now hanging out in your personal space. It’s cool to be able to add a bit of sparkle to your space!

What if it should be God's plan to people the world with better and finer material?

- Josiah Strong

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