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Your Greatest Gifts Are Shared

What if we were to listen more than talk?

To pray more than hate?

To share more than take?

Essential oils are a conduit not only for fixing issues with our bodies and brains and soul, and for healing as some people believe.

I like to focus on the wondrous gift essential oils delivers from Mother Nature. Marrying the technique and skill (and resources) to extract essential oils from plants, trees, flowers -- living things, and making them in to oils that can be used for the betterment of life, is gifting to the highest level.

How we share life's gifts is quite possibly more influential than any one thing we can do to help others. When you think about the enormity of the gifts handed to you, many times without ever asking for them, from parents, teachers, colleagues, friends, family members, and strangers, it is simply an amazing act.

What if your journey included exploring things to discover great gifts to share with those around you?

"No matter what your work today, if it is worth while at all -- time to plan it out, time to do it well, and time to finish it, it is your day's greatest gift and your greatest job." -- George Matthew Adams

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