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Paying It Forward

When you hear something meaningful or interesting once, sometimes you don't pay much attention. Then you hear it again and you pay a little more attention.

As a member of a task force entitled, Pay It Forward, our mission is to mentor business owners and managers and principals who are entering the industry for the first time. It is a privilege for me to be a part of this robust group of seasoned veterans. I learn as much from the task force members as I do from those we mentor.

Recently, Dr. KellyAnn (bone broth diet maven and best selling author -- its a good read: ) wrote a blog post about the value of "paying it forward." Hmmm.

What if you were to commit to paying it forward? You could do so by purchasing two Breath Influence inhalers --one for you and one for a friend or co-worker. The value of the act is simple yet so multi-dimensional.

"Did you know that making another person happy actually makes you feel happier? It’s true—and that’s why “paying it forward” is one of the best ways to brighten your own life."

-- Dr. KellyAnn


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