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People ask me, "Why?"

My answer, "What if you combined inspiration, invention, and kid-like enthusiasm?!"


The Breath Influence Nasal Inhalers formula blends and its packaging design reflects my positive therapeutic experiences with essential oils and halotherapy (sea salts). It made sense to combine essential oils and sea salts in a convenient nasal inhaler tube. The blends tap a variety of all-natural oils from seeds, roots, buds, flowers, and bark. Thank you Mother Nature (MaNa). The packaging design reflects simple beauty. For just as nature has established itself as an art form, so too can product labeling and neck wear designs be artful.


The Wear Influence Neck Wear does its work (protecting the head, ears, scalp, neck, mouth, even arms -- I once wore the Neck Wear to cover my arms while kayaking) very well.But for me the selection on the market lacked flair, let alone a smattering of beauty.   

If I wanted something I could ware to the office, in social settings, or a myriad of other places life takes me, I had to design my own neck wear. Problem solved! Not only is it multi-functional, lightweight, and affordable, its a versatile fashion accessory!


Adding to and enhancing the therapeutic properties and usability of the Nasal Inhaler (Sea Salts and the Sleeve and Clip holder) allows the user to take full advantage of the inherent therapeutic qualities of the proprietary blend of essential oils. The Sleeve and Clip make the Nasal Inhaler the most convenient on the market. Clip it on to your bag, purse, backpack, equipment bag. It goes where you go!


Enthusiastically, I grew up in a rural neighborhood in western Pennsylvania where my play spaces included fields, woods, a stream, and my family's organic garden. MaNa coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit allowed me to add product invention and design to my career as a marketer. Every day is an excellent adventure!


I'd love to hear your thoughts... How and why you use the nasal inhaler and neck wear. And, what designs you have in mind.


Margy Lang

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